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couple at ice cream factoryJane's Ice Cream was founded by sisters Amy and Jane Keller and Bob Guidubaldi in 1985 in Phoenicia, NY.

In creating New York's favorite ice cream, the sisters were extending the run of the dessert royal lineage. Their Father (and Grandfather) had run Rose Brand, a sweets factory located in Brooklyn, NY that supplied intense, mouth-watering chocolate, luscious raspberry and delicious butterscotch flavors to the five-star hotels throughout North America, Europe and Asia for nearly six decades.

Those high standards and lick-lipping properties continue to live on in Jane's Ice Creams flavors, whether it's Killer Chocolate, Real Raspberry or Buttery Butterscotch.

Jane's is ice cream made for ice cream lovers by ice cream lovers. Unlike supermarket or large-chain brand ice cream, Jane's artisan ice cream is made in small batches in the Hudson Valley of New York State.  It is created with fresh, local and organic products and new flavors are constantly being added. This love and dedication results in Jane's continuing to be a top-shelf choice of many of NYC's finest hotels and restaurants, such as The Regency, The Carlysle, The Algongquin and Sak's Fifth Avenue.

Having a five-star client roster requires a commitment to creating a five-star product, and Jane's Ice Cream delivers. Known throughout the Hudson Valley and Metropolitan NYC area for commitment to taste, quality and freshness, their "Killer Chocolate," "Triboro" and "Cappucino Kahula Calypso" have inspired customers and the media alike.

Jane's Ice Cream services wholesale clients from the Hudson Valley to the Berkshires south to NYC and Connecticut.

To sample the ice cream now, please write to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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